Decomposition of Warm Glow for Multiple Stakeholders: Stated Choice Valuation of Shellfishery Policy

Paulo A. L. D. Nunes, Arianne T. de Blaeij and Jeroen C. J. M. van den Bergh


A monetary valuation study of marine management in the Dutch Wadden Sea, the largest natural area of the Netherlands, is presented. The study is motivated by a conflict between shellfisheries and large populations of birds that forage on cockles. Different management scenarios are valued using multiple stakeholders, namely Dutch citizens, local residents, tourists, policy makers, and natural scientists. A considerable difference in willingness to pay (WTP) between these groups is found. In addition, the influence of motivational profiles is examined. Estimates confirm the presence of two such motivations, namely, material and moral warm glow. These allow for decomposition and correction of the WTP estimates. (JEL Q22, Q25, Q51)

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