Evaluating the Effects of River and Stream Restorations: Evidence from Recreational Fishing

Michele Baggio, Charles Towe, Daniel Trüssel and Armin Peter

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  • Published online January 27, 2020.

Author Information

  1. Michele Baggio, Assistant professor
  1. Department of Economics, University of Connecticut, Storrs; and CEPE, ETH Zürich, Switzerland; michele.baggio{at}uconn.edu
  1. Charles Towe, Associate professor
  1. Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Connecticut, Storrs; charles.towe{at}uconn.edu
  1. Daniel Trüssel, Researcher
  1. Office for Forest, Canton of Bern, Bern, Switzerland; daniel.truessel{at}vol.be.ch
  1. Armin Peter, Researcher
  1. Peter Fish Consulting, Olten, Switzerland; info{at}fishconsulting.ch
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