The Importance of Well Yield in Groundwater Demand Specifications

Taro Mieno, Mani Rouhi Rad, Jordan F. Suter and R. Aaron Hrozencik

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  • Published online December 7, 2021.


Author Information

  1. Taro Mieno, Associate Professor
  1. Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Nebraska, Lincoln; tmieno2{at}
  1. Mani Rouhi Rad, Assistant Professor
  1. Department of Agricultural Sciences, Clemson University, South Carolina; rrad{at}
  1. Jordan F. Suter, Professor
  1. Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Colorado State University, Fort Collins; Jordan.Suter{at}
  1. R. Aaron Hrozencik, Research Agricultural Economist
  1. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service, Kansas City, Missouri; Aaron.Hrozencik{at}
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