A Choice Matching Approach for Discrete Choice Analysis: An Experimental Investigation in the Laboratory

Simone Cerroni, Daniel W. Derbyshire, W. George Hutchinson and Rodolfo M. Nayga Jr.

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  • Published online March 6, 2023.


Author Information

  1. Simone Cerroni, Associate Professor
  1. Department of Economics and Management and C3A, University of Trento, Italy; simone.cerroni{at}unitn.it
  1. Daniel W. Derbyshire, Research Fellow
  1. European Centre for Environment and Human Health, University of Exeter, United Kingdom; D.W.Derbyshire{at}exeter.ac.uk
  1. W. George Hutchinson, Professor
  1. Gibson Institute and Institute for Global Food Security, Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom; g.hutchinson{at}qub.ac.uk
  1. Rodolfo M. Nayga Jr., Professor and Head
  1. Department of Agricultural Economics, Texas A&M University, College Station; Rnayga{at}tamu.edu
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