Comparison of Results of Cost-effectiveness Analysis (CEA) and Sequential Binary Integer Programming (BIP-SEQ) Methods

Conservation BenefitAcresParcels SelectedProgram Expenditures ($)Savings of BIP-SEQ over CEA, Benefits ($)Savings of BIP-SEQ over CEA, Acres ($)
CEA 200793,2181,691337,697,528
BIP-SEQ 200793,9561,670307,783,64283,220−141,036
CEA 2008116,5781,7702810,175,255
BIP-SEQ 2008122,8781,8802910,725,157710,410738,758
CEA 200942,667596133,490,259
BIP-SEQ 200943,744568103,560,051121,446− 188,047
CEA (total)252,4634,0577421,363,042
BIP-SEQ (total)260,5784,1186822,068,850915,076409,675
Difference between BIP-SEQ and CEA (%)8,115 (3.2%)61 (1.5%)−6 (-8.1%)705,808 (3.3%)(4.3%)a(1.9%)a
  • a Percentage difference in savings in comparison to CEA (total).