Model Results (Odds Ratios)

YOdds Ratio
Logit 1Logit 2Logit 3Logit 4
T1 (ref: T0)2.562***
T2 (ref.: T0)1.792**
Pecuniary motivations
  Increased gross margin1.5051.548
  Higher value2.220*2.222*
  Technical difficulties0.457**0.452**
Nonpecuniary selfish motivations
  Acknowledgment (centered in Logit 4)2.541*2.313
  Better life quality1.915*1.908*
Nonpecuniary altruistic motivations
  Contribute to environment (centered in Logit 4)1.7600.365
  Already conform2.059**2.089**
  Medium changes (ref.: low changes)0.6360.652
  Major changes (ref.: low changes)0.368**0.361**
Farm characteristics
  UAA (ha)0.9980.998
  AES fertilizers0.528**0.539**
  AES phytosanitary2.998***3.021***
  AES land cover1.7601.758
  AES grassland0.402**0.409**
  AES linear2.307*2.134*
  AES organic1.6891.695
  AES other2.1671.956
  Vine or arboriculture (ref.: other agricultural products)1.1261.152
  Livestock farming (ref.: other agricultural products)0.7180.715
  Field crops (ref.: other agricultural products)0.6860.690
  Mixed farming (ref.: other agricultural products)0.6180.635
  Acknowledgment (centered) × T1.094
  Contribute to environment (centered) × T8.842
  Pseudo R20.02190.02560.27290.2760
  • Note: N is < 395 in Logit 3 and 4 due to missing observations for X. AES, agri-environmental scheme; ref., reference; UAA, utilizable agricultural area.

  • * p< 0.1;

  • ** p< 0.05;

  • *** p < 0.01.