Table 3

Panel Results: Simplified and Qualitative View Models for Connecticut

SampleCTCG2 MatchedaCTCG2 MatchedCTCG1 MatchedCTCG2 MatchedCTCG3 Matched
ModelSimplified (No Waterfront)ConvenientQualitative ViewQualitative ViewQualitative View
Flood zone (SFHA)−0.0283*−0.0140−0.0161−0.0304*0.000424
Ln (ocean view area)−0.00816*
Ln (ocean view angle)0.0974***
Ocean viewshed slice no.−0.00640**
Ln (ocean view distance)−0.0502***
Ocean view category 10.421***0.525***0.437***
Ocean view category 20.365***0.409***0.393***
Ocean view category 30.246***0.263***0.223***
Ocean view category 40.0735***0.0773**0.0922***
Ln (distance to coastline)−0.0397*−0.112***−0.138***−0.0473*−0.129***
Month fixed effectsYesYesYesYesYes
Year-quarter fixed effectsYesYesYesYesYes
Census tract by yearYesYesYesYesYes
Observations in SFHA3,0243,0244,8673,0242,394
Observations outside SFHA2,2622,3423,0412,2621,553

Note: Standard errors are in parentheses. Robust standard errors clustered by census tract are reported. CTCG = county groups; SFHA = special flood hazard area.

  • a The matching process required exact match on transaction year. In addition, this one-on-one-with-replacement matching also requires exact matching on coastal proximity bands (three bands defined coastal proximity percentiles), neighborhood category, and mortgage status. Note that the matching process in the convenient models do not involve ocean view variables.

  • + p < 0.1;

  • * p < 0.05;

  • ** p < 0.01;

  • *** p < 0.001.