Table 5

Average Estimates of Flood Zone Discounts and Coastal Amenity Premiums for Coastal Towns in Connecticut and Massachusetts

CountiesFairfieldNew HavenNew London MiddlesexBristolDukes Nantucket BarnstableSuffolk Plymouth Norfolk Essex
Flood zone (SFHA)a(−1.60%)b−2.99%(0.04%)−7.07%(4.37%)−1.42%
Ocean view category 152.35%69.05%54.81%33.38%55.89%45.21%
Ocean view category 244.05%50.53%48.14%19.60%48.88%29.69%
Ocean view category 327.89%30.08%24.98%7.41%53.42%20.32%
Ocean view category 47.63%8.04%9.66%3.54%21.77%5.18%
Single-family residence price average (2017$)625,980346,222368,298301,488575,629474,796

Note: CTCG / MACG = county groups; SFHA = special flood hazard area.

  • a Mean price percentage differences (attribute level 1 vs. level 0, holding all other attributes constant and with level 0 price as the base) are reported as well as the 95% confidence intervals (in square brackets). To give a better idea of how much dollar values are associated, the average coastal property prices of the corresponding region is reported.

  • a The flood zone discounts in parentheses suggest that these discounts are not supported by high-confidence statistical results due to power issues or alternative explanations, so any interpretation of these numbers should use caution.